A customized clean for every customer!

Housekeeping Unlimited takes a two-part approach to customer satisfaction. The first step is to ensure that the client's needs and expectations are well defined and met. The second step is to work with the client to use the same cleaner for continued satisfaction in the cleaning process. Clients find that having a 'personal' cleaner helps to get a consistent quality cleaning that meets their needs.

We understand that many people want to know the people that are in their homes. To provide you with that information, here's a little bit about us!

Laurie Wilson -- Owner
Laurie has been with Housekeeping Unlimited since shortly after it opened in 1987! She does in-person bids and walk-throughs with the client, works with clients and cleaners to develop positive relationships, and handles day-to-day issues.
Dianne Olcott -- Office Manager
Hire Date: 10/99
Dianne manages day-to-day operations in the office, contacting clients regarding cleaning schedules, and managing cleaners accordingly. She also evaluates cleaners, and occasionally still cleans for a few clients
Debi Miller -- Office Assistant / Accounts Receivable
HireDate: 9/10
Debi handles book-keeping and data entry, and also occasionally cleans for a few clients.
Melody Kurtz - Inventory Control / Maintenance, Senior Cleaner
HireDate: 4/04
Chris Gutierrez - Senior Cleaner
HireDate: 5/06
Rene Morain - Senior Cleaner
HireDate: 5/05
Pam Payne - Senior Cleaner
HireDate: 1/11
Cassie Ricks - Senior Cleaner
HireDate: 7/06